SecKC Defcon 27 Badge


The SecKC DEF CON 27 Matrix Badge.

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This is a pre-order.  We are running behind with our design this year due to some issues with sourcing components at scale.  We 100% assure you that you *will* receive a badge that is ordered, however Badges may not be delivered until after Defcon. *If* we do receive the badges in time for Defcon, we *may* do limited pick up windows on Wednesday and Thursday of Defcon.

**Update** – We made it!  We are so thankful to those that supported us and let us put them in your hands and see them around your necks at DEFCON 27!  We still have a few left that are available for order and will ship in the next 1-2 weeks if you missed out and still want to get one!  There are several other display patterns on the badge other than just the Matrix now as well!  We have a limited amount still on hand and are fixing a few components like LEDs.  Orders will ship in 1-2 weeks after DEFCON.

This is a history making SecKC indie DEFCON 27 badge (welcome to the #LEDWars)!  We didn’t set out to do it, but with 645 LEDs we have the most ever seen on a DEFCON badge.  The badge will feature multiple bling modes but one is likely to stand out above the rest.  The Matrix, one of the most influential films in hacker culture, celebrates it’s 20th anniversary this year.  The badge’s embodies The Matrix with a motif of green LEDs on the familiar SecKC logo and the (still in development) falling pattern is the primary bling mode!  The main LED board, in the shape of a hexagon, is comprised of 645 surface mount LEDs on black FR4, driven by two IS31FL3741 drivers.  The main controller board, in the shape of Bob’s head on the logo, is a mezzanine board that sits atop the LED board.  Due to this modular design, there are different design options for the controller, and will allow savvy users to extend and customize the badge, and is available in black, white, or green.

Regarding pricing, first let us assure you it was a shock to us too and we never wanted it to be this high.   Most of the cost is due to the component cost, which is driven predominantly by the LEDs. We decided not to skimp on the quality of the LEDs due to the importance of the badge.  Other factors are finding a safe battery, having the LEDs board professionally assembled, and global trade tariffs.  For more details, see our upcoming blog post in our blog.

Please note that the prototype board pictures are green but the LED boards will be black in the production run with a choice of color for the controller board.


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Black, White, Green, Red, Elite, Pain and suffering


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