SecKC Defcon 27 Badge – Pain and Suffering Edition


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You’ve seen the SecKC DC27 Matrix badge.  But you want to save a few bucks on manufacturing and embark on a journey that will test you to your core… and build it yourself.  With this kit, you’ll get a couple of boards and a bunch of components.  They are all surface mount, and all very small.  The LEDs are 0402 LEDs, which are very tricky to work with by hand.  A microscope is a must-have to build this!  An oven, or other non-airflow soldering technique will be required to build this!  You should probably use a stencil to apply paste, but I’m not your mom, so do whatever you want.  Expect assembly time to be 4-16 hours.  You will lose parts.  You will put LEDs on backwards, and it’s harder to diagnose than a single LED in backwards, because it will cause other LEDs to fail.  You’ll have entire rows and columns shorted as well as not-connected.  Oh my God, why are you getting this…

  • Guaranteed before DEF CON*
  • Scratches your Masochism itch
  • Best $15 you ever saved
  • If you complete this, rixon will shake your hand (or a friendly non-contact wave if you prefer) in person
  • Scratches your masochism itch

* In order to arrive and let you attempt to assemble before DEF CON, the LED board/components will ship first, and the controller board/components will ship later.


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