Welcome to the Badge Pirates 2022 Prospect Badge
The idea behind this badge is to provide a feature rich build
that is customizable for your specific conference. With the current
supply chain issues we have designed a badge that takes advantage of
the minimum amount of components to better position the build


  • ESP32-S2
  • Wifi
  • Web Server
  • Capacitive touch buttons
  • Reverse Mount LED’s
  • Interactive Browser Based Console
  • Over the Air Update Capability
  • CTF Integration
  • Gamification
  • LiOn Battery / Charger

Additionally we will work with you to customize Board Design and artwork to match your conference theme and logos.

Space is also available for sponsor logos to assist with cost.

Please reach out if you have any questions or to sechedule a time to get started.


Badge Instructions:

  • Use the Slider Switch on the Back to Power On/Off
  • Badge will run on 18650 Battery “D1 will show Power is On”
  • Plug in USB Cable (included) to Charge Battery, “D2 Charging LED” will illuminate
  • Powered on, 4 reverse mount LED will Light all On, D3-D6
  • Press and hold down the Capacitive Touch buttons TP4 or TP5 to Cycle through the Reverse Mount LED’s
  • Wireless: SSID of 2022_Badges is being broadcast while power is on
  • Connect to SSID and Navigate to to View the Web Console
  • Over the Air software updates are available at
  • Programming can also be done via the USB port, to enter boot mode:
    • Connect USB
    • Press and Hold BootMode Button (SW1)
    • Press and release SWRest Button
  • SAO port is available with 3v3, GND, SDA, SCL, GPIO1, and GPIO2 mapped.
  • JTAG port is exposed at J2 for Debugging fun
  • RGB footprint on front, but not currently populated (thanks supply chain issues)